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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


CRUMPETS by forgetdietingforever
CRUMPETS and a nice up of tea. What more do you want on a sunny afternoon? Surprisingly easy to make too and recommend you try making your own because the texture is just so surprising - they were light and airy with a lovely crunchy outer coating.
cooking crumpets forgetdietingforeverEat them on their own with butter (as we did here) or add your favourite toppings: cheese, jam, ham or smoked salmon etc.
You'll find lots of crumpet recipes around, all with similar ingredients.
Most pre-packed crumpets are around 100 calories each. We chose to make ours using 6cm cooking rings which is slightly smaller than the ones you buy. Each crumpet works out at around 50 calories (butter is extra). Even better they cost around 5p each and you can make lots more for the same cost as a pack of six shop bought crumpets.
Be who you want to be and eat great food while losing weight.
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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Recipe for Chorizo, potato and cabbage soup

Chorizo, potato and cabbage soup
Chorizo, potato and cabbage soup was just what was needed for a cold and windy day in June. You can't beat a hearty soup! This is similar to a Portuguese soup although I cooked the cabbage separately and added it to the soup at the end of cooking.
What surprised me was how many calories there is in chorizo. I chose Sarta Iberico, which was a little more expensive than other chorizo sausages. It's good to try something different. I was very surprised to find it was only 278 calories per 100g, compared to other chorizos as high as 450 calories per 100g. That's a BIG difference! Do check before buying as there is quite a wide range of chorizos out there. You may want a fattier sausage depending on what you are cooking.
The Sarta chorizo was obviously lower in fat content, but I was going to use it in a soup. The flavour was delicate and infused the dish with a nice hint of spice. I suspect the leftovers will taste even better tomorrow as the flavours continue to develop.  We might have to fight over who eats the last portion!
All in all for a dish that took around 15 minutes prep and 20 minutes cooking, it was a pretty impressive plateful and very filling. The ingredients I used created three good sized bowls of soup at around 250 calories per portion.
With very few ingredients you'll probably find you have most. Here's how we made ours:
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