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Monday, 8 April 2013


Here's a simple idea I'm sure you will love as much as we enjoyed - home made CHICKEN NUGGETS. This LOW CALORIE recipe (below) is around 300 calories and a great alternative to the deep fried variety, and fun to make.
I'm going to have another try at these as they were so light and crunchy, unlike their deep fried cousins. Next time, I'll try some other flavourings, possibly marinating the chicken overnight too. But for a first attempt,
these didn't hang around too long.
I've used the same method for making these as when we made COD AND CHIPS. The only (surprising) result being that the chicken took much less time to cook than the fish.

100-150g chicken breast per person
beaten egg
plain flour for dusting
chosen seasoning (dried southern fried, bbq, cajun, etc)
15g home made breadcrumbs per person
Slice the chicken breast into strips.
Season flour with salt/pepper and your chosen seasoning and dust chicken.
Dip chicken strips into the egg.
Season your breadcrumbs with whatever flavouring you choose. If you don't have time, you can buy packets of flavoured breadcrumbs.
Shake off excess crumbs.
Place on a pre-heated, oiled baking tray.
Spray the chicken pieces with oil.
Cook on high 180º - 200º for around 7-10 minutes. Check one of the nuggets to see if they are cooked through, and return to the oven if necessary. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce. A great party idea - make them slightly smaller and choose some interesting flavourings! 600g chicken made around 20 nuggets - enough for 4 hungry people.
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