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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Curd cheese

Curd cheese and honeycomb starter
CURD CHEESE - topped with honeycomb (cinder toffee) and a good drizzle of honey. Usually made using goat's curd cheese, but we couldn't find this and tried cow's cheese instead. Incidentally, a 225g tub of cow's curd is around £1, compared to goat's cheese which is almost four times the cost.
A delicious combination of flavours. We enjoyed this lovely sweet starter over the weekend.
It was the first time I had eaten curd cheese, and I'm not sure what I was expecting, as cottage cheese sprung to mind.
But, the texture was nothing like cottage cheese at all, and in fact it was soft, fluffy and so creamy. Once tasted, I thought it contained far more calories than it actually did.
Having unsuccessfully scoured many supermarkets for goat's curd cheese for this recipe, we opted for the cow's curd instead which I would imagine is slightly sweeter.
Surprisingly this generous 75g serving is approximately 90 calories. Then you add the honeycomb and a good drizzle of honey....
Our home made honeycomb didn't rise quite as much as expected - but it still added a nice crunchy texture against the fluffy cheese.
We served ours with toasted brioche - firing our tastebuds onto alert for the next course.
I'm unsure why the bicarbonate of soda failed to work it's full magic? Looking at the BBC recipe, I'm not sure it needed to rise that much more, so we were not disappointed. The bicarbonate of soda was in date, although I suspect it had succumbed to dampness from steam, not sure really? We kept it in a cupboard just where the kettle boils.
To make this delicious starter, you can either buy CINDER TOFFEE or find a good recipe online. We like this recipe .
It's just a case of assembly! Break pieces of cinder toffee over goat or cow's curd cheese and drizzle with honey. Serve with toasted brioche.
I'm still searching for goat's curd, and will let you know when and where I find it in Bristol.

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