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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Cornish sole - MEGRIM - a budget sustainable fish

Megrim Cornish Sole
Pan fried MEGRIM CORNISH SOLE. Until now we had never heard of this fish. We saw the fish in the supermarket and as we chatted the woman on the fish counter came over to us and relayed her enthusiasm.
We love fish in general so heeded her advice on how to cook the fish. She said to cook simply, eat off the bone and we will not be disappointed. She said the fish was underrated and all we had to do was cook for 4 minutes each side on a medium heat.
She was right. Off home - with a medley of vegetables to accompany the fish. We couldn't agree more!
The fish was extremely delicate and tasty and at a bargain price compared to  dover or lemon sole. If you like either of these fish you will love this too, as well its price (think bargain basement).
Here it is in all its glory. It really did take just a four minutes to pan fry each side. And… we will be having it again. Some things are so nice to discover - and this is one of them. This type of dish helps us keep the weight off even though its pan fried in butter and oil, with a little squeeze of lemon juice.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Using up fresh herbs

If you are fed up wasting fresh herbs, here is a very simple and easy way of putting them to good use! Fresh herbs can make all the difference to many recipes, although they can be expensive and quite often you will have some left over. Today we made this very refreshing and flavour intensive BASIL OIL. It certainly put a smile on our mozzarella salad.
We made the oil by blanching the basil leaves in boiling water, then dropping into cold water. Dry the leaves with kitchen paper and add to the blender with oil. We used approximately 50ml of olive oil to a bunch of ready cut supermarket basil. Once blended, pour contents through a sieve. Keep the oil in the fridge.
We can't wait to use it on poached eggs with fresh asparagus next time.
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