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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Goat's cheese and bacon salad

This goat's cheese and bacon salad is a favourite of ours. We are eating more intuitively now - listening to our bodies for clues about what to eat. Sometimes we enjoy our food a lot more than usual, so perhaps at these times we've just got the balance right and given our bodies what it needs.
Our goat's cheese dressing helped make this a very low calorie salad. I used 2 slices of streaky bacon per person and crumbled an extra 25g of goat's cheese over the salad leaves. 
There was a small portion of avocado too - which amounted to around 80 calories. I tend to weigh the avocado because it's deceptively higher in calories than you may imagine (100g of avocado is approx 170 calories). 
Add 50g of bread and our lunch was a respectable 450 calories. 
The saltiness of the hot bacon contrasted nicely against the tart goat's cheese. Here's how we made our dressing - at just 60 calories per person:

For the goat's cheese salad dressing (to serve 2) 30g of soft/crumbly goat's cheese
30g of plain yoghurt
30g milk
Mix all the ingredients together and add a little more milk until you achieve the consistency you prefer. We used a creamy full fat greek yoghurt plus full fat milk. If you are using a normal yoghurt, this will be thinner, so adjust the amount of milk to taste. This dressing came to just 120 calories (60 calories each) - and tasted very creamy and luxurious.

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