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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Mushroom risotto - soft, velvety and comforting. Cooked in two stages, using two types of mushroom; fresh and dried.
The dried mushrooms were soaked beforehand and the liquid was strained and used as stock.
We then went on to cook this in two stages. This enabled us to return to the cooking process later, with only 10 minutes to finish the dish. Great if you are going out and know you will be ravenous when you get home. Our recipe is quite simple, and it's not necessary to
use dried mushrooms, although it adds a depth of flavour. Use vegetable stock in its place.

Ingredients - Serves Two
25g dried mushrooms
100-150g fresh mushroom
150g risotto rice (arborio)
one celery stick
one clove garlic
100ml white wine (if you have any)
handful of peas (optional)
chopped parsley or thyme (optional)
30g mascarpone
7g finely grated parmesan
STOCK. Soak dried mushroom for at least an hour. Strain liquid and use this as stock. We used about 500ml in total.

RISOTTO. Finely dice the onion and celery and fry in a little oil until soft but not brown. 

Add crushed clove of garlic and continue cooking for one minute. 

Add rice. 

Cook until the edges of the rice go clear. 

Add wine if using and reduce until liquid has gone. 

Begin adding the stock, gradually ladle onto the rice. 

If partially cooking - only add half the stock and cook for around 10 minutes then cover until later. 

Continue cooking. Wait until the rice has absorbed each ladle before adding more. 

Continue to ladle the stock onto the rice until soft (keep tasting) - this will take around 20-25 mins. 

We found we added roughly FOUR times the amount of stock to the weight of the rice. 

Once rice is soft, add peas, parmesan, mascarpone, herbs and salt/pepper to taste. 
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