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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


So you think you've put on weight? You are out shopping for clothes and nothing fits? It can be a nightmare finding clothing in your size but (as I've recently discovered) especially for us girls with larger or smaller busts than erm 'average'. Trying on, breathing and squeezing in, may provide you with a good workout - but how may times have you left the store without any purchases and a lot of frustration?
It appears I am a different size in most stores generally and I've got used to it being that way, but more importantly I realise I am not a standard size anywhere because my bust, or should I say 'cup size' in particular is out of proportion to the rest of my body. If the dress fits on top the bottom is too baggy and so on…
One solution could be to make my own clothes, time consuming I know but I've soon realised even this  idea is not particularly straightforward.
I was comforted by this 1930s 'Practical Paper Pattern' found in a charity shop.
The woman who owned this dressmaking pattern seems to have experienced the same sizing problems we still find today, despite being able to choose patterns in a particular bust size.
I love the way she has written 'cut wider' and 'waist and hips too narrow'. Sadly the pattern was never cut out, perhaps she was too daunted at the thought of altering it?After some research I discovered (to my joy...) there was perhaps an answer to why clothing doesn't fit: apparently all dressmaking patterns are designed for a 'B' Cup. I wonder if most clothing manufacturers do the same? Quite often for me a close fitting dress requires upsizing which doesn't do a lot for moral, and when the bust fits the rest of the dress doesn't.

Now my blog post wouldn't be complete without some talk of food. Today I'm making a LEEK & POTATO SOUP. If you have a moment it really is so simple to make. If pushed for time, use frozen leeks!

I'm going to use my usual recipe which I've linked to, although today I'll be adding a large spoonful of cream at the end and a topping of fresh croutons! Just a touch of luxury and a bit of extra filling.
Soup is often low in calories and not filling enough, leaving you open to hunger later.
If you are thinking of buying cast iron cooking pots for use on the hob and in the oven, I have to say they are fabulous to cook with.
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