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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Jacob's Ladder

Now this cut of beef is very cheap - JACOB'S LADDER is also known as short rib of beef. All it requires is long, slow cooking.
It's not a common cut and I've never seen it in the supermarket. We bought ours from the butcher, who generally supplies local restaurants with this particular cut.
It has to be one of the tastiest cuts of 'budget' beef you can possibly buy. The end result is slightly sweeter than the more well know 'shin' of beef.
I'm not sure if my Mum ate it or inhaled it, as it disappeared so quickly! Not bad on calories either!
They should rename the slow-cooker, as its name just doesn't fit in with today's fast moving society. If you are working, this gadget will reward you with some of the best meals around. You'll save money and won't have to resort to ready meals.
We slow cooked ours overnight in a can of bitter together with some simple stock vegetables ie carrot, onion, celery etc. Slow cooking transforms cheap cuts of meat into gourmet dishes. The slow cooker doesn't eat into your electricity bills either.
Just season the sauce with salt and pepper, then simmer until its reduced by at least half. Serve with creamy mash.
A 1.5kg Jacob's ladder cost me £6 and yielded around 4 very good (150g) portions of meat. As it's quite rich, you could bulk this out with vegetables (in a casserole) and feed twice as many.
Down to calories - the beef is about 2 calories per gram. So depending on how much you eat will depend on the number of calories. We ate ours with mashed potatoes - so the bulk of the meal was around 450 calories. Just add your favourite vegetables.
REMEMBER: We all have a calorie allowance - do you know yours?
We began our weight loss journey in January 2011 - and began our blog in June 2011. Here's a link to the first post. (here's the link).
We like to post our main meals to show you what CAN be eaten. You won’t find us posting every last morsel though – but we hope this gives you an idea of how far calories can go! I'm currently going through the photographs and replacing them with more website friendly versions which will allow the blog to load quickly. 
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