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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Butternut squash

BUTTERNUT SQUASH is coming into season now. 
Do you know which shape butternut squash is the most economical, yielding the most flesh? 
The more we eat food with lots of FLAVOUR, the more we are convinced this helps our weightloss. Whether it's because we are more satisfied, and subsequently end up eating less, I'm not sure. It could just be that we feel as if we've eaten something fantastic, and therefore feel less deprived? Lots of flavour doesn't have to mean lots of calories either - and this soup is around 180 calories - including the bacon and crouton garnish. We had ours with some cheese toasties. Here's our recipe and tip for buying butternut squash:

You may be tempted to buy the squash with the biggest round part, but this contains most of the seeds and is often hollow. The flesh is in the tall part of the squash.
I've spiced my soup with Ras El Hanout rub (a North African style spice). I added about half a teaspoon which gave the soup a delicious warmth. If I didn't have this spice, I would add some cumin, chilli and paprika. 
Making the soup 

Chop one carrot, one onion, a stick of celery and some garlic into fine dice and added this to a saucepan (without frying first). 

Chop the butternut squash into larger chunks and added to the same pan. 

Add enough water/stock to cover the contents. 

I didn't use any salt and pepper at this stage, just the half a teaspoon of the rub.

 Cook until soft (20-30 mins). 

Blend until smooth - season with salt and pepper.

To garnish, I cooked two very thin slices of streaky bacon until crisp and used the fat that ran out of the bacon to fry and flavour the bread cubes.


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