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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Stourbridge lake and trees Welcome to all our new followers. We hope you enjoy looking around this blog for some weight loss inspiration. Changing the way we think (or see) has had quite an impact on our weight. If you find it difficult to lose weight, why not change the way you think too? 

If you find it difficult to stick to diets - as we once did - why not give this PART-TIME weight loss plan a go? What have you got to lose?

It's been nearly 3 years since our first blog post, and there's now so much content I thought it was time to post a quick overview. I've noticed the blog needs tidying up as some of the links are not working, so please bear with me:

Here's a link to my first blog post (June 2011) about our weight loss. It's also the beginning of our weight loss diary - the foods we ate and how this affected our weight. A few thoughts, tips and hints which may be helpful to you.

Our philosophy is to eat whatever you want while losing weight, because (from past experience) all the food-specific diets we've ever tried, have failed. Yes they were initially encouraging, but more often than not they were very restrictive, and I longed for the things I wasn't allowed to eat. Those cravings soon turned into full blown affairs - such as eating the whole packet of biscuits instead of just one or two. The weight gradually, relentlessly kept on going up. 

The dieting mind-set instilled in us before we embarked on this new way of thinking, was that foods were either good or bad, restricted or allowed. It's the way a lot of people (who we know) think too. But, as we've found, there is more than one way to view the world. You can see things from another angle if you are given the opportunity!

So we came up with a different view, and decided: all food was allowed, and food was neither good or bad for weight loss. With this new mind-set in place, our weight loss took off. We could finally look at food and make a choice about whether we wanted to eat it or not. This is so unlike when we were on a food-specific, restrictive diet, when we would look at food and think - wish I could eat that but I can't.

We also gave calories a make over - here's our weight loss plan: FORGET DIETING.

Because we now look at food in a different way - with ALL foods allowed - we can make CHOICES about what to eat. No one is telling us what to eat any more and it has had a profound affect on the way we think about food and our weight.

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