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Saturday, 1 March 2014


Yoghurt is good for weight loss, but…. only if you like it. Are you eating foods you really enjoy - or just filling yourself with food you are being told to eat by the latest diet you are following?
IS YOGHURT GOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSSHere's what we ate today - yoghurt and fresh fruit with a drizzle of honey.
In fact we eat everything and anything for breakfast, from bacon sandwiches to yoghurt.
If you eat what you enjoy, you will feel less inclined to pick and snack. It certainly helped stop our cravings. Our philosophy: you only crave what you can't have - so if you can have it, you won't crave it.
After years of yo-yo dieting, spending hundreds of £££££s seeking a solution to weight loss, and eating food that tasted like plastic, we decided to do something different. Diets had the opposite effect on my weight - making me crave food that wasn't allowed.
I craved real tasty food.
out went the rubbish and in came REAL FOOD.
One of the main things we changed was that we swapped low-fat processed food for its natural equivalent. That was our choice. You must make your own choices - work out what you love most, then start eating it.
Our breakfast today is full-fat Greek yoghurt (lovely and creamy) topped with fresh mango and honey. It's very filling I suspect because of the fat content. Low-fat yoghurts have a higher sugar content which didn't fill us up for as long. I bought an (unbranded) low-fat yoghurt the other day by mistake - it tasted awful, the texture was grainy and it was very acidic. Annoyingly, we had spent years eating the low-fat yoghurts without realising just what we were missing out on. Thank goodness we now get to savour fabulous tasting food.
Do you know how many calories you are allowed each day?
Here's a link to our very first blog post about our weight loss journey, which we began in January 2011. We started this blog as a way of recording what we ate while losing weight. The blog is a food diary, and contains lots of recipes, tips and ideas about losing weight.
Here's how to FORGET DIETING
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