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Friday, 14 March 2014

Thai coconut chicken stir-fry

Thai coconut chicken stirfry
This Thai coconut stir-fry was very quick and easy to make and very tasty. We've been trying out a few ready-made sauces, and this was one we enjoyed so much, it's already on our 'must make again' list.
Like a lot of people, when you are rushing around, it's difficult to know what to cook. Then once you have an idea, buying ingredients takes time. I tend to shop little and often to save wasting anything.
I popped into the supermarket and picked up a pack of ready made stir-fry vegetables, and a sachet of M&S spicy Thai coconut sauce. I fancied something creamy but not heavy, and this sauce was surprisingly low in calories too.
We had a chicken breast to use up, so the meal was sorted. All we had to do was boil a few noodles, add a bit more spice… and enjoy!
We went for a walk beforehand, and were more than ready to tuck in on our return. I've found when we're hungry, the food really tastes so much better.
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