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Saturday, 31 May 2014

A sort of … omelette

Omelette with vegetables
This vegetable and chorizo omelette made a welcome change. We had planned a salad, but the weather turned cold, and we fancied something warm for lunch.
I washed 250g of new potatoes, which were more waxy than old potatoes, and took slightly longer to cook. I sliced them thinly and let them sauté (covered with a lid) in a small amount of oil and butter in the frying pan.
After 10 minutes, I added chopped onion and sliced pepper. The vegetables took a total of around 20 minutes to soften and cook through. Finally I added minced garlic and a few peas for colour, and cooked for a couple more minutes.
In a clean pan, I fried about 25g of sliced Chorizo for a minute or so before adding the cooked vegetables. I then whisked up four eggs (for the two of us), seasoned with salt and pepper and poured over the vegetables and cooked for a couple of minutes until set. A sprinkle of grated cheese was added before popping under the grill to finish. We served with a small side salad.
It was very filling and we would estimate about 450 calories per serving. The photograph shows half of one serving.
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