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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Fresh cream of tomato soup
This fabulously fresh, vibrant TOMATO SOUP recipe was bursting with flavour and very comforting. A satisfyingly wholesome soup you'll surely want to make again. It was deliciously thick and creamy in texture and not acidic at all.
Some supermarkets are selling vine tomatoes at bargain prices - just over £1 per kilo. I've been wanting to try a fresh tomato, so what better time. A great way to use up those forgotten tomatoes too (if you have any).
I wanted to make a 'quick' soup, so I didn't roast the tomatoes first. The resulting flavour was still very tomato-y, but if roasting enhances this (as I would imagine it would) I can't wait to make this soup recipe again using roasted tomatoes. I love the fact I can control the seasoning and use less salt than some tinned varieties.
For this tomato soup, I chose to start with my usual soup ingredients, and was delighted with the results of our first attempt. The herbs did not overpower the soup either.
From around 150 calories per portion* - just add crunchy toast or (as we did) a cheese sandwich for a satisfying lunch.
Here's our delicious recipe:
Fresh Tomato Soup
Serves 2 to 3
1 kg ripe tomatoes 
1 large onion, sliced
1 medium carrot, chopped or grated
1 stick celery, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tablespoon tomato puree
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1-2 bay-leaves
1/2 tsp sugar (to taste)
Pepper to taste
1 tsp vegetable stock (powder) or 1 stock cube
500 ml water
200 ml whole milk
1-2 tablespoons double cream
Lightly fry the onion, carrot and celery for 5 minutes. Add the garlic and stir for another minute, then transfer to a saucepan.

Add the herbs and pepper.

Make a criss-cross at the top of each tomato and place in a pan of boiling water. Leave the tomatoes for a couple of minutes, then remove. 

When cool enough to handle, peel the skins from the tomatoes. Remove and discard the seeds (or leave them in if you prefer). Dice the  remaining flesh and add to the saucepan.

Add the stock, tomato puree and 500ml of water. 

Add the sugar.

Cook until the vegetables are soft - around 15-20 minutes. Take off the heat.

Pour in the full fat milk*


If the soup is too thick, add more water. 

Season to taste. You may need to add salt depending upon the type of stock/stock cube used. Add a swirl of double cream just before serving. 
I tend to use full fat milk when cooking and heating, as semi-skimmed might split.
Divide by 3 portions and each portion will be around 150 calories.
REMEMBER: We all have a calorie allowance - do you know yours?
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