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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Chicken satay skewers

Chicken satay is one of our favourite takeaway dishes. As we already had chicken breast in the fridge - we thought we would try making our own satay sauce. The results were surprisingly satisfying - and as you can see, the chicken went perfectly with the egg fried rice.
We certainly saved a lot of money and I'm sure we saved many calories too. We would estimate this plateful at around 600 calories.
If you are going to make your own egg fried rice, you'll need to think about this earlier in the day. Take a look at our egg fried rice recipe here to find out why.
After looking at a number of different recipes, we had some idea of the basic ingredients - some of which we didn't have available. So we used what we had, as like most people, we don't own every ingredient.
Despite deviating from all recipes, we loved the taste of this dish. Here's our 'store cupboard' recipe:

chicken satay skewers
We noticed the basic satay ingredients could be found in the Red Thai Curry paste which we already had, so we used that as a starting point.

Makes two generous servings
300g chicken breast
10g Red Thai curry paste
5ml fish sauce
5ml lime juice
10g Red Thai curry paste
5ml fish sauce
5ml lime juice
good pinch of chilli flakes (add more if you like it extra spicy)
50ml whole milk (we didn't have coconut milk, which would have been nice - see tip below)
30g peanut butter (we had crunchy)
Marinate the strips of fresh chicken breast in the marinade. 

Put all the sauce ingredients into a pan and heat gently to combine. Add additional milk for the right consistency. Whole milk should ensure the sauce doesn't split. 

TIP: If you have desiccated coconut - you could add a tablespoon of this to the milk and infuse. This should give the coconut flavour. Strain out the coconut before adding to the sauce. 

Griddle, grill or fry the chicken until cooked through. Pour over the sauce and enjoy. 
REMEMBER: We all have a calorie allowance - do you know yours?
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