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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Egg fried rice with teriyaki beef

Wouldn't it be nice to open the fridge and have all the ingredients waiting to be transformed into this tasty TERIYAKI BEEF dish, without having to resort to a takeaway.
Our home grown peas are bursting out of their pods, and every time we walk past them we end up picking one or two. So, before they disappear entirely, I thought I'd add them to this delicate EGG FRIED RICE recipe. You can always use frozen peas of course.
TIP: The trick with egg fried rice is to use cold rice, which will stop the rice sticking together.
If you just want to try this without splashing out too much on the more expensive ingredients, I've suggested some cheaper alternatives.
Despite a little bit of preparation beforehand, the rest of the dish will take just minutes to rustle up, and you won't believe just how tasty it is. We served ours with pak choi on the side.
The dish is around 400 calories and 100g of beef was enough to satisfy the largest of appetites - in our opinion! So why not have a go at this dish and forget that takeaway. Here's our easy recipe:

BEEF TERIYAKI (serves two)
100g steak per person (either sirloin or rump) - cut into strips
2 tablespoons each of:  Mirin, Sake, Soy and sugar
pre-cooked Basmati rice (we used 75g of dried rice for the two of us)
sesame or groundnut oil
one egg
handful of fresh or frozen peas
For the teriyaki marinade/sauce mix together the MIRIN*, Sake*, soy sauce and sugar.

Marinate the strips of steak in the teriyaki sauce for as long as you can. 

Put the steak (and marinade) into a frying pan and cook according to your taste then remove and let it rest. While the steak is cooking the marinade will reduce to a sticky consistency.
Cook your basmati rice earlier on in the day. Drain in cold water and leave to cool. 

When ready to serve, add oil to a saucepan. Place the cold rice in the saucepan, heat through then add the beaten egg and keep stirring until cooked. Add the peas and cook for a minute or so. 

The rice was absolutely delicious and so very delicate in flavour. 
*We would swap Mirin for sherry and Sake for a dryish white wine. You should get a good idea of how the sauce works, and make a decision on whether to purchase the more expensive ingredients. We found MIRIN in the supermarket World Foods aisle (No.24) in the oriental section. It's not among the sauces and oils.
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