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Thursday, 8 January 2015


vegetarian quesadilla
What a lovely way to eat butternut squash! This quesadilla recipe is full of satisfying textures and very, very filling.
We made ours nice and spicy, using a whole red chilli, but you can leave this out if you wish. I like to use what I have available and you can add other vegetables and herbs if you wish.
This quesadilla serves two and I would estimate one serving - that is - half (or three slices) is around 400 calories.
Begin by roasting 200g of butternut squash (or squash and carrot mix) together with some chopped red onion and one sliced red pepper. We used a pointed red pepper which is slightly sweeter.  Add a few whole garlic cloves to the roasting tin if you love the flavour.
If you are busy and don't want to fiddle with a whole squash, you can buy packs of ready chopped vegetables.
To make the quesadilla, place one of the tortillas into a pre-heated frying pan. Keep the heat low, and top the tortilla with: 25g grated strong cheddar, the roasted butternut squash, pepper and red onion, one finely diced red chilli (or some chilli flakes), and two or three chopped spring onions.
At this stage, add seasoning such as salt and pepper, and a sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley if you have any.
Finally, top with more grated cheese, we used another 25g of grated strong cheddar. If you prefer you could use goat's cheese which works really well with butternut squash. Place the second tortilla on top and push down with a spatula.
Turning the quesadilla takes precision - we had to use a combined effort with this method: place a plate on top of the quesadilla, turn everything over so the quesadilla is on the plate, then slide it back into the frying pan. Phew! Heat gently for a few minutes while pressing down with a spatula. Slide back onto the plate, allow to cool slightly (while the cheese cools), slice and serve. I think I would eat this cold in a lunch box too, although it didn't last long enough!
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