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Friday, 13 September 2013

Binge all weekend?

Fried sausage, egg and beans
Hunger dictated this very filling lunch of SAUSAGE, EGG & BEANS with mushrooms, tomatoes and buttered toast.
The sausages were very meaty - about 95% meat content. Proper sausages!
Often we'll have salads or sandwiches for lunch, but when we've been a bit more active - as I have today - we look for something more substantial. Working in the garden is good exercise, and I would say I must have burned a few hundred calories. Enough to offset the higher calorie lunch than usual.
We aim to eat around 450-500 calories at lunch time. I can well remember when I used to follow restrictive diets where I (frustratingly) tried to survive on 300 calories for lunch, and end up so hungry (and miserable) I would eventually eat anything and quite often - everything in sight.
There was a piece in the Daily Mail today about people who binge all weekend consuming up to 10,000 calories over two days. The article, although extreme, struck a chord with me - as it probably did with many dieters. You've spent all week dieting, then the weekend arrives and you give up. Start your 'diet' on Monday, and by Friday you are so hungry you just want to eat, eat and eat. I then used to promise myself I would 'start a new diet' on Monday - and this gave me justification to carry on eating. This process was repeated year after year after year. I didn't binge like the article though. The weekend becomes a free for all food frenzy. You feel guilty. Who wins in this situation? The diet industry with your repeat business of course - not you. 
BUT, there is a way out of this destructive cycle.  
We ALL have a calorie allowance. We can eat ALL types of food. That's why OUR METHOD works. We recognised right at the beginning that we loved our WEEKENDS too. It's a time to relax, be with friends and socialise. Even during the week, we allowed ourselves MORE food than most conventional weight loss programmes. Over two years we shed the pounds quite easily, and more importantly we've kept them off. So go on, take a leap of faith, give this method of weight loss a go. What have you got to lose - except weight.

Do you know how many calories you can eat each day?
Here's a link to our very first blog post about our weight loss journey, which we began in January 2011. We started this blog as a way of recording what we ate while losing weight. The blog is a food diary, and contains lots of recipes, tips and ideas about losing weight.
You'll find our WEIGHT LOSS PLAN here. 
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