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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Ottolenghi pasta with feta
Pasta with feta with a refreshing yoghurt and pea dressing. 
Losing weight eating great food is also our secret to keeping the weight off. 
Give you body a good balance of everything to help eliminate cravings. 
Eat regularly, but most of all enjoy what you are eating. 
Calories in - calories out may sound too simplistic (and boring), but at the beginning of 2011we developed this simple equation into a very simple and successful WEIGHT LOSS PLAN, which helped us to lose over 7 stone between us. We learned there is no need to starve and no special foods are required.
Maintaining the weight seems to have surprised a lot of people - and almost 4 years later, we've continued to keep the weight off. Unlike lots of diets where the weight just piles back on once the diet is over.
To make this pasta dish, there are two stages - the yoghurt dressing can be made first and you can set it aside until you are ready to make the rest. We doubled up on the yoghurt dressing so we can use it again. In fact, you can double up on all the ingredients, as this is delicious eaten cold. Take it to work and your friends will be jealous of your tasty salad bowl.
Here's how we made this dish, adapted from an Ottolenghi recipe.
Yoghurt dressing
60g natural yoghurt
25ml olive oil
50g frozen and defrosted peas
crushed clove garlic

Blend yoghurt with 25ml of the olive oil, 50g of the peas and crushed garlic. Add salt and pepper.Mix until you have a pale green sauceSet aside until later.

Spicy pasta
120g dried pasta
100g frozen peas
15g pine nuts (or chopped hazelnuts)
20 ml olive oil
1/4 teaspoon of chilli flakes (if you like it hot, use half teaspoon)
15g fresh basil leaves
50g feta cheese 

Cook the pasta according to the instructions.  Add the frozen peas for the last couple of minutes.Drain well because the shells fill up with water, then very slowly, add the pasta to the sauce (so it doesn't split). 

Place the 20ml oil into a small frying pan. Add your chilli flakes and pine nuts. Cook gently until golden brown - 4-5 minutes.

Tear basil, crumble the feta and mix into the pasta. Top with the pine nuts and drizzle with the chilli/oil.
Be who you want to be.
Eat great and lose weight. 
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