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Monday, 8 December 2014

How to make sausage rolls

If you want to get ahead for Christmas, here's a very simple cheat's SAUSAGE ROLL recipe. It's one of our favourites and we make these ahead and freeze uncooked. Look out for good quality sausages with a lower fat content, as these will not only taste more meaty, but will also be lower in calories. Why not try flavoured sausages too?
You may have to make double the quantity because they are irresistible and disappear quickly! Here's the recipe:


500g of good sausages with a high meat content 
500g packet of ready made flaky or puff pastry
one beaten egg (or milk) 
Roll out the pastry and cut into strips wide enough to take the sausage meat.  

Remove sausage skins, roll sausage meat into a longer sausage about 1.5-2cm diameter.

Place sausage meat onto the pastry.  

Wrap pastry around the sausage meat and seal the edges with a little milk or egg.

(At this stage, you can freeze on a tray provided you have used ingredients not previously frozen).

Brush the top with beaten egg or milk.  

Cut into whatever size you want and cook in a hottish oven, around 180ÂșC, until brown (approximately 20 - 30 mins).
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