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Friday, 10 February 2012

Chicken tonight

Well the snow nearly settled..... but it's still chilly out there.  To warm ourselves up before we walk to the pub, we're having tandoori chicken and salad.  We can then have a beer or two or three - without the need for that naughty take-away.  Some people don't like to eat too much before going out, and the good thing about this dish, is that we can cook it and eat it when we get back if we fancy.  I can set the oven to cook the chicken for when we return.

We use a good quality tandoori paste, one with quite a lot of oil, and I mix in a bit of lemon juice.  This stops the chicken drying out.  We generally remove the skin and rub the paste all over, it's one of the rare occasions we remove the skin.

The trick with eating our way, is always having something prepared.  If you haven't got anything - then at least have that good old emergency tin of beans and some slices of bread (which I have in the freezer).   Then there is always something.  So the takeaway becomes less likely.  OK if you want a takeaway, then have it.  Count it in.  It's great to have the freedom to do that.  

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