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Saturday, 18 February 2012


Here's our main dish.  Seabream with prawn sauce.  We cooked some prawn shells (from the crevettes we bought) together with a shallot and garlic. This was reduced down, added a small amount of tomato puree and a few small prawns.  The crushed new potatoes were mixed with butter and parsley.  The picture may not do justice to the exceptional flavours!
The fish is slightly stronger in taste than sea bass - which we enjoyed.  The sauce was superb, and the strong flavour complimented the dish.  I think the crushed new potatoes would have worked better with watercress rather than parsley - but all we had was parsley.

Calories - this dish would amount to around 550 calories per person.  We roughly used the following: 100g of sea bream (250 calories), 200g of parsley potatoes (140 calories), 10g butter per person (80 calories),  10g double cream - (50 calories), a few small prawns and and just 50g asparagus would amount to no more than (25 calories).  If we have calculated incorrectly - then lets just say the whole dish was 600 calories.  

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