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Saturday, 4 February 2012


Almost a week without access to a computer - leaves me feeling a bit strange!  Still, we have had a tremendous week and our weight loss continues.  We were both down 1/2 lb on Wednesday!  We continued the week with a couple of hearty dishes - soups/stews - which were filling and tasty.  In fact, this cold weather is helping us to lose weight, because we really do fill up on these wonderful soups.

We've decided upon our menu for the next week, which includes:  butternut squash soup, ham & lentil soup, peri-peri roast chicken, chilli con carne and some lamb chops.  We hope to include a couple of meat free days too.

Tonight we're having steaks - and are in the process of making a fab mushroom sauce.  We're also making our own oven chips.  We've been experimenting with all the different varieties of potatoes, and tonight we're trying Maris Piper.  I bought some chantenay carrots, which will be cooked with orange, and we'll have a side salad.

We met up with a friend in the pub last night, and he has lost weight doing exactly what we have done.  More importantly, he said he has kept it off.  This is good news.  The number of comments about our weight loss increased too, because we both wore some clothes that actually fitted properly!  Hiding under baggy clothes really distorts what is really happening.  Fitting into smaller sizes is a fantastic feeling.  Losing weight from all over - arms, wrists, neck etc - goes unnoticed until we slip on the smaller clothes. We don't mind eating the way we do for another year.  

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