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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Week ahead

Yesterday we enjoyed some home made butternut squash soup for lunch, with a small cheese sandwich.  It was filling and nutritious.  For dinner we shared some steak and egg with onion rings and a side salad (dressed in olive oil).  Oddly enough, we didn't fancy potatoes with it, and that's why we had the onion rings.  We then went for a leisurely walk for an hour - so that boosted our calorie allowance nicely.

Today I've felt really hungry, and particularly fancy some cheese.  Because of this I made the following breakfast:  2 slices of toast spread with butter, ham and emmental cheese, and ate this with a boiled egg.  It really hit the spot and our philosophy is - if we fancy it, then we have it.  I'm sure our bodies 'crave' some food groups when they really need them.

It's a bit cold for a lunch time salad, so we may have soup and a sandwich again. We're going to be out later tonight, so I'll put a jacket potato in the oven.  We'll have that with one of the chilli con carne portions we made last week.

With a couple of days out and about, some of our meals will be dependent on what we can buy, so I'll be looking for some good ideas.

Our weight is looking good for the weigh in tomorrow.  Last week's weight loss didn't really show very much on the scales as we had eaten quite a heavy meal, involving a couple of courses with wine, late at night.  Mind you, our body shape was much slimmer, so we weren't that bothered.  Tomorrow's weigh in will hopefully reveal the conclusion of all our good work.  

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