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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Is this the slippery slope?

We've been away for a week skiing.  Believing that the additional exercise would accommodate most of our indulgences we ate whatever we fancied.  The apres ski was great, almost addictive, and the quality of food on offer was unavoidably good.  It's quite possible the mountain air increased our appetites...  Well there was plenty of mountain area to ski, and this is a picture from the top cable car.

Having enjoyed a fabulous week, we know our metabolism must be thoroughly confused by now.  But, we are back to reality, and over the next few days we will return to our usual eating plan. I would imagine we could have added quite a bit of muscle  weight, as the muscles used in skiing are somewhat different.  At no time during our holiday did we deny ourselves anything.  We ate when we felt hungry, and also indulged in more processed foods than normal.  But we didn't use the week as an excuse for excessive eating.  Because we have learned we can have whatever we want to eat, we don't crave foods.  Once upon a time, a holiday would have involved thinking along the lines of "oh go on, have it, we're on holiday", but this didn't happen this time.  Although the apres ski occasionally extended itself, we equally extended our exercising on the slopes.  Hopefully this will all balance itself out.  It will be a very interesting weigh in on Wednesday.  

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