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Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday plan

Our plan for today is to have a 'good' day eating simple foods.   Breakfast will be fruit and porridge, lunch is going to be homemade carrot and coriander soup with a small cheese sandwich.  This evening we'll have a ham and cheese salad.  If the weather is good, we might go for a short walk.

Soups are cheap and easy to make, as well as very nourishing.   Instead of opening an expensive tin of soup, we boiled up a large bag of carrots, added a few onions/garlic/herbs, then blitzed.  The flavour is fresh and more-ish.  A kilo of carrots will make 4 ample portions of soup.  I've also bought some pearl barley (dried pulse at just 35p for a large bag), and will be making a broth/stew later in the week.  Make the soup the evening before, and let the flavours mingle together.

Our eating regime will get us back on track, and by the Wednesday, we'll have a more realistic weigh in.

I watched a programme about the benefits of exercise.  I didn't realise a 'fat busting' enzyme  was released into the system when exercising such as walking.  This enzyme helps mop up the fat in the blood that has been released from eating fatty foods - which can only be a good thing.  We don't go to a gym, but try to be as 'active' as we can during the day and walk when we can.  

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