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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday weight

Well, we think our weight has finally settled down after our holiday and we feel back on track.  We ate quite heartily over the weekend - and certainly gave our metabolism a good boost.  Interestingly, we 'feel' a little thinner.  The scales confirmed this feeling, and we are both a half pound lighter this morning.  We are aiming for around half a pound weight loss per week - as we feel this will be better in the long term.  Losing weight slowly has meant (for us) that the weight has stayed off.  In fact, the most regular comment we have been receiving lately is:  "you look like you've lost even more weight".

We have occasionally found our bodies holding onto a weight range for a while, then something odd happens.  It's like a redistribution of the fat cells, because we can 'feel' a change in our body, and that feeling usually leads to a nice drop into a new weight range.

Here's that breakfast cocktail btw.  I put it in a cocktail glass to illustrate the portion size (100g yoghurt).  The topping was made from a bag of frozen forest fruits.  I took the fruit, boiled it up with a little sugar to sweeten it, then let it cool.  It's sat in the fridge, and I'll scoop a couple of spoonfuls onto the full fat greek yoghurt - absolutely delicious and creamy.  

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