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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday lamb roast

We had a lovely sunday roast, with lamb, roast potatoes and a selection of veg.  We cooked the lamb in the oven using a roasting dish with a lid.  The lamb sat on top of some finely chopped vegetables/herbs/garlic, where the juices fell and helped create a wonderful gravy.  The fat was removed from the liquid, a little salt and pepper and some cornflour was all that was needed to make superb gravy.
The dish was around 750 calories, which sounds high, but we would rather think that it is this type of meal that satisfies us and stops us craving.  It's also so filling that we don't want to eat much afterwards. As we eat a normal calorie allowance on Sunday, we can easily accommodate this meal without overeating!  My partner can enjoy approx 2500 calories, so this meal at 750 calories could - if he wanted - be eaten three times!!  Most diet meals are quite small, and we think this will lead to snacking later.  

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