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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Curried grey mullet

The whole meal was sumptuous and inviting.  Calories were around 650-700, which is not bad considering we ate a huge home made chapati too.
The grey mullet is a robust fish ... and cheap!  If you can't find grey mullet, you could use mackerel. For two large fillets we paid just over £5 in total.  We coated it in our own curry powder mix (see below), which the fish can carry off nicely.  The spices we used are subtle and warming rather than hot and fiery, so you still get that delicate fish coming through.
We made our own onion bhajis (see previous recipe).  We also made chana bhaji using canned chickpeas, sliced onions, garlic, turmeric, cumin and a little chicken stock.
I decided to make my own chapatis (I've never done this before).  I found a couple of recipes on the internet, and had a go.  I've never made anything quite so simple.  In fact, they are so cheap to make I don't know why I've never made them before!!  I love a bargain, and the result was fantastic.  So much so, that we will endeavour to make our own now.

The raita was made using chopped cucumber (seeds removed) mixed with fresh, full fat greek yoghurt and mint.  That's it - simple and effective.   A side salad completed the meal, which was so filling, we couldn't finish all of it.  The subtle spicy flavours were tantalisingly delicious, and because we didn't use any chilli throughout, the meal was quite delicate.


This set of spices will make a wonderful BASE CURRY. You may have some of the ingredients already, and I agree that buying these spices might be costly at the outset, but you will see they make a wonderful curry mix which is so fresh and aromatic, and this can be used for ANY curry - chicken, fish, lamb etc. So if you like delicate curries, these spices will be used up over time.


1 x 5ml (tsp) of each of the following:

Coriander seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Cumin seeds
Fennel seeds

Dry the above until you begin to smell the aroma and hear them popping. This won't take too long. All the flavours will be released and you once this has happened, bash the seeds or grind them up into a powder.

Then add the following:

1 x 5ml (tsp) of TURMERIC powder, salt to taste (we use a teaspoon) a small 20mm piece of grated GINGER and a CLOVE OF GARLIC.

Mix all together and you will have the most wonderful dry spice mix for your fish. You'll notice there is no CHILLI or ONION here, as these would dominate and spoil the subtle flavour of the fish. BUT if you are going to make a chicken curry, then you would add the chilli and onion.

Add a little oil to the dry mixture, and marinate the filleted fish in these beautiful flavours. You don't need to marinate for too long.

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