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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday meals - pasta lunch.

We cook our own meals and freeze a lot so there is no waste.  Today we ate from the freezer again.  We enjoyed our favourite lasagne with a nice salad.  The weather has turned a bit chilly, so I fancied something warm.  The lasagne portion was quite big, but as we know what ingredients went into it, we know it is about 420 calories, and together with the side salad (which is dressed in olive oil and seasoned) the whole dish is under 500 calories.
We prefer to eat and fill up - rather than scrimp on our portions, which could result in needless snacking.  I think that as we have so many nice dishes to look forward to, we have learned how to wait for them.  Eating can be addictive - and grazing doesn't help.  So we prefer to eat 3 good meals a day - and actively look forward to them.   We fill our plate, dig in, and enjoy!  Then we give our stomachs a rest.  

Tonight we're probably going to have a ham broth if it's ready.   If not, there is the carrot and coriander soup in the freezer - which we will have with a cheese sandwich.

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