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Friday, 16 March 2012


I was talking to a friend yesterday, and realised that the way we think really does contribute to weightloss.  My friend has recently changed the way he thinks.  Until recently, he was convinced he didn't eat very much, and couldn't understand why he had put on weight.  He came up with a number of causes such as getting older, and not exercising enough.

The interesting thing was, he only ever recited what he ate for his 3 main meals.  Not once did he refer to the eating between meals.  The way he ate at mealtimes was not the problem.  So I said - why not forget what you are eating at meal times and concentrate on what you're eating in between.  For just one day, write down everything that he eats between meals.  He did this.  I think he then realised just how much he was snacking, and consequently how much weight he was gaining because of it.  He had focussed for so long on the main meals, and was ignoring everything else.

Now he has changed his FOCUS.  He is watching himself between meals.  He decided to try and stop snacking at certain times - and happily reports that once he made up his mind, it was easy.  Not snacking is slowly becoming his new HABIT.  He doesn't go hungry because he is eating enough at the main meals to satisfy him.  He hasn't changed his favourite foods either.  It's as if he has 'got it' - finally understood that to lose weight you first have to focus on what your are eating in the first place.  

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