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Sunday, 18 March 2012


We really enjoy seafood, and it's low in calories too.  We like nothing better than a seafood platter with scallops, oysters, langoustines, crayfish, crab, prawns and mussels.  It looks a lot, but by the time the shells are removed, there isn't much left.  Once our platter arrived, we launched into it with gusto. The calories appeared in the form of some bread and a basket of chips, which we shared, oh and a bottle of wine.  The fish was really filling, but then it's all protein.  To help offset the number of calories eaten/drunk, we headed out to the harbour side and enjoyed an hours walk in the sunshine (clocking up about 3 miles - or 300 calories).  As the sunshine didn't last long, we were glad we chose to walk before eating.

Today we are having roast shoulder of lamb, with roast potatoes and a selection of veg.  If the weather holds up we'll go for another walk.  At the weekends we eat a normal calorie allowance, and a short walk adds another couple of hundred calories to this.

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