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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fruit and yoghurt under 150 calories

I'm sat eating one of our favourite breakfasts: full fat greek yoghurt with a fruit topping.  It's heavenly.  For the fruit topping, I bought some frozen forest fruits (so much cheaper) and warmed some through with a little sugar (you could use honey).  Let this cool until you need it.  You get a wonderful rich, ruby juice and the fruit is soft and delicious.

A large pot of full fat greek yoghurt is around £1 and the frozen fruit is equally as cheap.  The result is so much tastier (and cheaper) than eating ready made fruit yoghurt.  The calories are also much lower - around 130 for my bowlful, which is filling enough for me.  The creamy texture adds a touch of luxury, and the full fat content should keep me feeling satisfied, as I believe the fat content should take a while to digest.

I'm having a small slice of toast to go with this today.  I think I'm after something with a crunch... texture is important for me, and better a slice of toast than a crunchy biscuit or two/three later?

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