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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Apres hols weigh in Wednesday

After over a week eating holiday food and taking in a lot of entertainment, without any restrictions whatsoever, we did wonder what our weight would be when we resumed normal life.  Our skiing would obviously offset a lot of the food and drink - or so we hoped.  We decided to forget our normal eating routine, and simply go with the flow.  Flow we did....  The apres ski was the finale of each day's skiing - much earned of course.

What we were actually doing on holiday - was finally putting our newly slimmed down bodies to the test.  The real test - that is, to trust ourselves, to listen to our bodies and eat when and whatever we wanted, including all the entertainment.  Gone are the holidays where we would 'give up' on any diet and 'go for it' on the food stakes.  This time we didn't have to 'allow' ourselves anything, we just had what we fancied.  It's as if food is at last being put into perspective.  While we were away, we let go of all calorie limits - and just ate naturally.  Eating until we felt full, and having whatever we chose.  We never went over-board, as we didn't feel the urge to.  There was no guzzling large quantities of anything (apart from the beer)  :o).

Upon return, we were a bit worried about our weight as we did not have access to scales for around 10 days, and we were not counting any calories.  So how did we fare?  We've had a few fairly good eating days (as we would normally) since returning, and this morning anxiously stood on the scales.  What a surprise.  I have gained just half a pound and my partner gained just one pound.  We believe our slow and steady weight loss has taught us far more than we recognised.  We are finally able to listen to our bodies, eating what we want to eat, and trusting our instincts.  Now we are back home, we will continue our relaxed approach to weight loss and look forward to achieving our healthy BMI soon by returning to our proven strategy: 4 days of being good (eating around 500 calories LESS than normal) followed by 3 days of eating a full calorie allowance.  

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  1. Well done! Only half a pound is great news! x


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