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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekend ideas

This evening we're going to have something out of the freezer.  A while ago we made braised shin of beef with a red wine sauce on celeriac mash.  We made enough to freeze a couple of portions.  We are going to see what difference there is to the quality/flavour after freezing.  We'll still have to make the pasta for the cheese ravioli.  So there it is - fine dining out of the freezer!!   The preparation time saved can go towards a nice walk for an hour.  The actual meal worked out at around 450 calories, so there will be room for something sweet afterwards.

We bought a huge piece of brisket (beef) for Sunday.  We fancy a good old sunday roast with yorkshire puddings and horseradish sauce.  We bought spring cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and broccoli too.  We made a lamb broth with pearl barley earlier in the week and as it was such a success, I am going to make another batch, but using the leftover beef brisket.  I took my Mum some of the broth, and she loved it.  We were impressed at how the pearl barley thickened the dish up.  The brisket will flake up nicely and compliment the broth.  I've noticed supermarkets are catching on and selling pots of flaked meat for soups and stews.  Our butcher gave us some beef bones, so we are going to boil these up to give our broth a good depth of flavour.  A bowlful of broth is under 300 calories, and it is so filling and delicious.  It's also extremely cheap to make at around 50p per portion.

Someone asked us how we are keeping the weight off.  We are really just continuing our formula, which enables us to lose weight slowly but surely.  What surprises us most is that as the weight slowly melts away, you don't really notice it in the mirror, then all of a sudden - it looks obvious.  It's the same with the weight on the scales, it trickles down, and then suddenly, there is quite a nice drop.  We like to shock our metabolism and came up with our part time formula for weight loss.  We eat our normal food, but keep in mind that we (and everyone else in the world) has a normal daily calorie 'limit'.  On 4 days of the week we drop our intake slightly, and the other 3 days we eat a normal allowance.  We know how many calories we can eat in a day, and we know roughly what calories are in the foods we eat.  Once we reach our target weight, all we get to do is eat MORE of what we are normally eating.  Unlike someone on a diet, when they reach their target, they will more likely go back to their old eating habits which made them put on weight.  

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