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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Well here we are, eating faggots, mash and peas with some wonderful onion gravy.  Sorry but it is fantastic and the mash (made with King Edwards) was just about the best - with a little bit of butter.  The King Ted, as it is known, is fabulous for mash in particular, as it is so fluffy.

We have no idea about the calorie count, but we've been working all day in the house and burning some calories, so we suspect we might just come out OK.  Calories - we would anticipate about 600 because it involves boiled potatoes (mash), boiled peas, and some offal/pork with onion gravy.  I believe it would equate to no more than a good stew, so 600 calories will be over estimating if anything!

The only problem is - the dish is not photogenic enough to put on my blog!  Sorry, but the picture doesn't do justice to the phenominal taste. It's one of those dishes you either love or hate.  We love it of course. If I receive any requests for a pic, then of course, we will put it on the blog. 

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