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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Our weekend meal plan

We are going to eat well over the weekend, especially as we are going to some exercise of some sort.  We've really missed going for the longer walks recently, and it's as if the body recognises this too.  It's important to eat well and take in all the nutrients necessary for exercise, as we have found it actually helps improve our performance. 

Porridge for breakfast will give us enough fuel to get us going.  After exercising, we'll grab lunch which will include some salty food, and we suspect we'll eat out, so we're not sure what it will be.  When we eat out, we do a rough calculation about the calories, and don't worry too much about what we do eat.  Our evening meal will be new potatoes, salad and some meat of some sort.  Possibly pork chops? 

We're not going to eat a typical Sunday lunch tomorrow, and the menu will be very similar to today's. 

Interestingly, we watched a programme during the week about how eating can cure ailments.  Having watched the programme it appears the way we eat includes many of the foods recommended. It could explain why we are usually greeted by friends saying just how healthy we look.  Unlike some people who lose lots of weight through various "silly" diets which omit foodgroups and can leave them looking drawn and unhealthy.  We eat everything.

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