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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lunch ....

It's always good to be back home eating the fresh food.  We enjoyed our break but find that when we are busy shopping and sight seeing, we prefer to eat on the go.  This often means a quick break with a sandwich - which is processed.  So to get back to simple, fresh and tasty food is great.  Here's a typical salad for us.  We would usually eat our salads with new potatoes and a little butter, as this is the most filling.  If we don't have new potatoes, then we will have a good chunk of fresh bread (rather than sliced processed bread).

We thoroughly enjoyed this salad, which cost around 400 calories.  We shared a large tin of tuna, there was a little hard boiled egg and a small amount of grated cheese.  So filling and delicious.

As we both have a day off today, we are working around the house and garden (burning calories), so we may not go for a walk.  If we do walk, it will more than likely be to the pub.  Our walking increases the amount we can eat, or, increases weightloss.

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