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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Our Saturday experiment

Well here it is, all cooked and looking good, I've left off the pepper and parmesan, as I want to taste it first:

Wow.  You have to make this stock, it makes all the difference!  The flavour is so intense and could really be used on its own as a sauce for any pasta.  Yet, it compliments the ravioli and enhances the filling.  You could even add more breadcrumbs to the filling mix, as the sauce is the key to the whole dish (not the filling).  I tried one piece with grated parmesan and found the cheese simply overpowered the delicate yet intense fish flavour.  We are so pleased - and the pasta is perfect. A good chunk of fresh bread completed the dish, and our hunger pangs were driven away. 

How nice is this?  To enjoy such fantastic food, costing so little, using a bit of imagination (and willingness to attempt something new) is fantastic.  Forget dieting forever.  Have whatever you want to eat.  We do, and our weight is coming off.  Just KNOW what it is you are eating and make a choice to either to eat or not.  We've done our exercise today, which will take care of the wine we are having with our meal.  It's simple.  Nothing is free.  You have to be in control, and the weight loss will follow.

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