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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday menu

We walked to the pub last night and realised both our belts needed to be tightened another notch.  What constantly surprises us is the way the weight is disappearing.  It follows the same pattern.  The body seems to swing wildly by as much as 3 lbs over a couple of weeks.  Our weight hovers, then suddenly drops quite a large amount.  Then there is a period where the weight stays the same, while the body seems to change shape.   So at the moment, we are busy changing shape!  For both of us it is around the belly area again - which is brilliant.

For today we're going to start off with some porridge for breakfast.  I make this with full fat milk and pour over some syrup.  This is a great start to the day and will fill us up.

Lunch is probably going to be bacon and eggs, with tomatoes, beans and toast.  I say "probably", because we want to go for a long walk (around an hour) and this lunch will replenish the salt and nutrients our body seems to crave after exercise.  We aim to eat no more than 700 calories.

Dinner is going to be a bit of a treat, and I'll have the camera ready.  We are going to have scallops on cauliflower puree, followed by sea bass with fennel.  We're busy looking up recipes, which we'll then adapt to make our own version.  I've never cooked fennel before, and really fancy this for some reason.  The total calories for both courses will come to no more than around 800 calories.

With the walk using up around 300 calories, and today being one of our full calorie days (2000 for me and 2500 for my other half) we have pleny of room for a snack/dessert and a glass or two of good wine.  What better way is there to lose weight!!

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