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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Our Saturday

We went for a nice walk today, to clear the cobwebs and enjoy the sunshine.  Both of us sporting new low weights and feeling quite positive.  We began our day with porridge smothered in syrup.  This set us up nicely for our walk and gave us lots of energy.

Lunch was a simple affair.  Bacon, eggs and baked beans with toast.  We knew we needed the salt after the walk, because the beans tasted OK (normally they are quite salty).  The lunch was "free" as we had just clocked up enough calories from the walk, which was admittedly longer than we intended.  Remember today we get to eat a full calorie allowance too.

This evening we are having a sirloin steak, new potatoes and a salad.  If my other half gets time, we will have some home made battered onion rings........... we'll see.  But first, we are going to enjoy home made ravioli, with sage butter.  Basically it's butternut squash soup but thicker.  We added some ameretti, bread crumbs, crushed fennel and some ground almonds.  We fiddled around with the recipe which I'm going to have to post at some point.  Again, I have to say WOW.  What an explosion of flavour.  We treated ourselves to just 3 of these little pockets and added the sage butter, which surprised me, as the sage was lovely and crispy, the butter infused.  The topping was just a little grated parmesan, and the dish was PERFECT.  Here it is before I added the parmesan and a little pepper:

I think 3 ravioli was just right, as I am now waiting for the steak.  I made the sauce, which is creamy mushroom.  I fried some garlic and onions, added 2 tablespoons of brandy and just 90ml of stock (you could use half a stock cube).  I had quite a few mushrooms in the fridge, so decided to finely chop us around 8 of them and add to the pan.  After around 15 minutes of cooking, I sieved the mixture.  The liquid was then reduced to about 2 tablespoons.  I then added the remaining sliced mushrooms (about 6) to the pan and cooked for around 3 minutes.  This is the prep.  When we want to heat the sauce, we will simply add a good dollop of double cream and heat through.  Simple.

The steak will be served with the mushroom sauce, new potatoes and a side salad/parmesan shavings.  This is the first time we will have eaten the large onion rings in tempura batter and if they turn out OK we'll post a piccy so you can see what they turned out like. 

The steak meal will come to around 500 calories, and if the onion rings turn out they will add around another 100 calories.  We are hoping to "boost" our metabolism every weekend by eating our maximum allowance.  We've found this helps our weight loss continue slowly but steadily downwards, eating whatever we want.  Both myself and my partner agreed today that we would never have imagined losing so much weight this way!

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