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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Goat's cheese

Here's our lovely goat's cheese, fig and parma ham salad. Figs are in season, sweet and very very cheap. It was absolutely delicious and we had ours with a few slices of fresh bread - oh and a glass (or two of sparkling wine).
We think the salad came to around 400 calories and with bread our meal was 500 calories. We had one fig each, 40g of parma ham and 40g goat's cheese some of which was mixed with the yoghurt to make the dressing.
Yesterday we roasted some 'about to go out of date' peppers, and these were deliciously sweet, so we added a few to the meal.
For the goat's cheese salad dressing (to serve 2) we used 30g of soft/crumbly goat's cheese and mixed this with 30g of full fat creamy greek yoghurt, then we added enough milk to loosen the mix to a consistency we wanted. Depending on the type of cheese/yoghurt used the milk needed could be more or less, but for us we added 30g milk. Add salt and pepper to your liking. This dressing came to just 120 calories (60 calories each) - and tasted very luxurious.

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