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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lamb leftover HOTPOT

After a few hours socialising, we came back to our cheat's lamb hotpot. It was very very tasty. I believe it's no more than 450 calories each for this. A lot of people wouldn't think to use up leftover lamb like this - good old fashioned cooking! So here's our TIP on how to get the most out of your Sunday roast.
Yes the lamb was pre-cooked, but it worked well with the freshly sliced potatoes and onions. We set the oven to cook it in time for our return later. Most welcoming as we walked through the door to the wonderful aroma.
No takeaway required, as this hot and tasty food was awaiting us - which is much lower in calories and (in our opinion) much preferred. The lamb juices infused the potato slices, and there was nothing quite like it. I used 400g of sliced potatoes (for two portions - that's 280 calories) and one sliced onion, layering with the left over lamb pieces (about 100g). I poured a mixture (50/50) of chicken stock and milk - enough to cover the dish just below the top layer of potatoes. I dotted with a little butter and put in the oven for an hour and a half at 140 degrees (while we were out). It can be cooked on a higher setting for a shorter amount of time.
We had sugar snap peas on the side - a bit of green never hurts - but was not really necessary (although you may want the fibre). Budget - here we come - this dish cost very little, just a few potatoes, onion and leftover meat.  I suppose you could do the same with any leftover meat! Just make sure it's all piping hot.  Good old fashioned values that work - for us.

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