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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Weekend plan

Here's our breakfast - full fat greek yoghurt with toasted oats, blueberries and honey. The toasted oats were delicious and added a bit of crunch. Followed with a slice of buttered granary toast breakfast was a respectable 300 calories.
Lunch is going to be pasta - with our own spicy tomato sauce (to use up some tomatoes).
Dinner is going to be fish. We have a new recipe we fancy trying out. So I'll be looking into the ingredients for that.
TOMORROW: We're planning a beef bourguignon using brisket of beef. We tried to buy some chuck steak, but couldn't find it. So we are using brisket instead - poor man's version I suspect. The brisket from the butcher looked good - so we'll give it a go. Recipe to follow.

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