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Saturday, 27 October 2012


The blackcurrant base was a perfect foil for the wonderfully creamy risotto and sea bass. For the risotto we sweated some shallots until translucent, then added some crushed garlic (to your taste...). The rice was added to the pan and cooked for about 2-3 minutes until the edges were translucent. We added a glass of white wine and waited until that was absorbed then added the vegetable stock. The stock was added slowly during the cooking time until the rice was the right consistency. There are tons of recipes online for cooking risotto - we tend to use our judgment, and this varies according to the amount of rice used. Believe it or not, the blackcurrant base was
made from a TIN of blackcurrants in syrup. The tin was drained of the syrup and we replaced this with 30ml of creme de casis (blackcurrant liqueur) and reduced until sticky. We made up half a litre of vegetable stock and added gradually until we were satisfied (there was a little stock left over). For two portions we used 100g of arborio rice (175 calories each). The (optional) mascarpone was added at the end and we used around 25g per serving to make a lovely creamy risotto. Season to taste.
Cooking any fish can be daunting. We seasoned the fish (skin side) with salt, lightly dust with plain flour then place in a hot pan skin side down. Leave until the flesh looks white about half way through the fish, then turn the heat OFF. Turn fish over and continue until the rest of the flesh is white. Our thick fillets took around 3-4 minutes each side.
We sprinkled a selection of vegetables around the dish - along with some mango chunks.
NOTE: A lot of people do not realise that TINNED foods tend NOT to have preservatives or additives. Strange but true! Check this out yourself when you next go shopping.

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