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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eating out

We made this wrap last night and at 400 calories, it became a delicious handy lunch. Travelling to our secret destination - looking forward to a great dining experience later. We're not afraid to eat out and soak up the ambience, something that might put a 'dieter' off. Being aware of what's in our food will give us a rough idea of the calories. Walking is our friend - giving us additional scope for the evening. We'll hope to send a few twit pics. In preparation for the onslaught we've already taken in a breathtaking stroll, which should leave us with plenty of spare (calorie) capacity for later.
Pack of tortilla wraps
250g chicken breast (cut into strips)
fajita seasoning
one or two peppers
one large onion
greek yoghurt 
sweet chilli sauce
First marinate the chicken in the fajita seasoning and a little oil. (Optional - add a sprinkle of smoked paprika and a dash of lime juice to the marinade).
Fry some colourful peppers and onions in a little olive oil then remove and set aside. Place the marinated chicken into the frying pan and fry until cooked through. This won't take long. Just cut one open to see that it's cooked - it should be white inside. Place on a paper towel to rest for a minute or two.
Spread the wrap with greek yoghurt** and sweet chilli sauce (we used Chinese sweet chilli sauce - that's all we had).  Add some shredded lettuce then top with the pepper mix and chicken. 
Wraps are around 200 calories each, so we find it's better to use one wrap and pack it out with filling!
It's annoying that wraps can only be bought in packs of 6 - so don't forget to freeze the rest for another day. I roll mine up and wrap in cling film. 
**You could use sour cream or creme fraiche. We tend to use whatever we have in the fridge - saves money. Sometimes we spread with mayonnaise.
Losing weight eating the food we love!
REMEMBER: We all have a calorie allowance - why not find out what yours is? We like to post our main meals to show you what CAN be eaten.
You won’t find us posting every last morsel though – but we hope this gives you an idea of how far calories can go!
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