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Friday, 1 February 2013

Chicken & bacon sandwich

Well it's Friday and what better way to celebrate than this hot chicken and bacon sandwich? You can pick up ready cooked chicken breasts if you are busy, then add a couple of slices of fried bacon.
We used 40g of chicken and 30g of hot fried crispy bacon. See our TIP on cooking bacon. Cooking most of the fat out of the bacon, and spreading the bread with mayo brings this sandwich to around 400 calories. Why not add something extra, and bring the calories up to a more respectable number - fill up and you will be less likely to snack later.
This is a popular sandwich and you can buy them everywhere - just look at the number of calories. You'll probably find those higher in calories contain a lot more mayo. Our full fat mayo was lightly spread onto both slices. But... if you are at home and want to make this more special, do what we did, and add the hot crispy bacon. EAT the food you love. And whenever possible make it taste irresistible.

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