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Monday, 25 February 2013

SEA BASS on Thai style noodles

We love fish and this SEA BASS on spicy Thai flavoured noodles was delicious.
This dish is under 500 calories. Onion bhajis go well with this dish, we missed them this time (I think we also missed the crunch factor). Quite often we'll make onion bhajis or occasionally we've bought them from the local curry house...

Serves 4
1 fresh chilli diced finely (add seeds if you want more heat)
10g of sesame seeds - dry fry to add a 'toasted' flavour if you wish
1 tablespoon of fish sauce
2 tablespoons of sesame oil
10g demarera sugar, use white sugar if you don't have this
1 tablespoon of lime juice - fresh if you have it
Coriander - preferably fresh
Sea bass fillets (around 130g each)
Egg or rice noodles
Mix all the above ingredients together. This can be done during the afternoon. Add the fresh
chopped CORIANDER about 10 minutes before serving.
Cook your preferred noodles (rice or egg) then rinse under cold water to stop he cooking process. This process can also be carried out earlier. When ready to serve, add to the thai dressing and stir.  
Cook your fish and serve on the COLD noodles (if you prefer warm noodles then just reheat).
TIP: Make more noodles than you need, as they can be added to many dishes - taken as part of a packed lunch, eaten with other hot and cold foods, or eaten on their own.

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