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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The weekend is here...

And everything stops for RUGBY - of course. So with very little time in the kitchen, we've decided on an easy, budget menu to go with a pint or two!
Tonight we're having  home made burgers, with home made salsa and wedges. We've prepped the wedges and we're going to boil them first, then put them away in the fridge until later. The less there is to do, the better. Here's how we made the burger last time:

Take some LEAN minced beef, add some finely chopped raw onion, salt, pepper and garlic and mix together. Knead the mixture for a couple of minutes (using your hands) until the mixture begins to stick together. Some recipes use an egg to bind the mixture together, but this isn't necessary if you knead the mixture like this. Shape into patties and fry. We had ours plain - but you could add mustard, chilli, cheese... whatever you fancy. They are so easy to make!
Tomorrow we're going to make a steak and ale pie. I've been wanting to make one for ages, ever since I saw a recipe for pastry made with suet. So I'll put the recipe up later. For now though, we'll throw the shin of beef into the slow cooker, cover with ale and let that cook overnight.

I realise it's a bit of a meaty weekend, but after having this horrible cold my body is asking for energy. We don't eat a lot of pastry, so once in a while doesn't hurt. Our motto is - NOTHING IS BANNED. That doesn't mean we eat like this every day. I'll try and work out the calories later - but if you've seen our weight loss method, you'll know we have a full calorie allowance to play with today. So on occasions like this, when a good pie or burger is called for, then we know we can sit back, watch the rugby and enjoy it.

We all have a calorie allowance - and we like to post our main meals to show you what we are eating. You won’t find us posting every last morsel though – but we hope this gives you an idea of how far calories can go!

If you would like to know more about how we have achieved our fabulous weight loss EATING ALL THE FOOD WE LOVE - take a look at OUR UNIQUE METHOD.
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