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Monday, 11 March 2013

Slow braised pig's cheek

Pig's cheek - a succulent nugget of pork, so rich you just wouldn't want more. We think this is one of the best pork dishes we've cooked so far. The flavour exceeded our expectations, and it was not difficult to make. Just time consuming. The sauce was incredibly intense and a perfect partner for the pork.
We were inspired by a recent meal at a fine dining establishment (see our review). With a little imagination and a few ingredients, we came up with our own version. Here's our recipe.

Place the whole pig's cheeks in a large pan, cover with stock/water and simmer until cooked. We left ours on the hob for almost 4 hours. Let it cool in the stock then remove the brown meat. Don't be disappointed at the tiny nugget - around 100g - as it's so rich and satisfying. Yes, from 600g of pig's cheek, it's this tiny morsel that you're after. This wasn't difficult to do, as the brown meat came away as a single piece. Take some of the stock, add some Marsala or Sherry. We were making enough for two, and used 50ml of Marsala. Reduce the stock to your preferred consistency. The sauce was excellent, and really lifted the whole dish.
We served ours on a bed of finely diced celeriac. Cook the celeriac for around 15 minutes in WHOLE milk. Don't use semi-skimmed milk or it will split. Once soft, drain and add a tablespoon of mascarpone. A few buttered leeks/bacon and some pan fried sweet potato completed the meal. We're not sure about the calories - but would guess (due to the small portions) that this dish was no more than 450 calories. Our starter was around 350 calories, so there was enough room for dessert.
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